Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschool Week 2 and I have just one thing to say . . .


Does that mean my week was always a bed of roses? Nope! We had our thorns but it was so worth it to smell the roses.

What were the roses this past week?

  1. Sitting with my oldest and talking about what the Bible says about being a woman. 
  2. Giving her hugs . . .  just because.
  3. Writing what my youngest dictated because she broke her arm. Every time she dictated to me, she was like the cat who swallowed a canary. 
  4. Seeing her sweet smiles, especially after a difficult lesson (usually math). 
  5. Making lunch for my girls and being told that this was the best family recipe I ever made. It was  basically cut up potatoes and onions, cooked in a skillet.
  6. Actually finishing all the stuff I had scheduled without any major drama.

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