Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tonight at American Heritage Girls . . .

We had a great night with our Tenderhearts. We are still working on the joining award requirements. Tonight, we learned the Buddy System and the AHG Creed. We were supposed to learn how to fold the American Flag but ran out of time. We will do this next week.

There are only 8 girls in our Unit. It think this is a nice number to work with. AHG uses the buddy system whenever the girls go to the bathroom or run an errand. We assign the buddies for the night and then ask the girls to pray for their buddy for the rest of the week. Then change buddies next week.

We have an awesome set of leaders. We work so well together. I am blessed to have them on my team.


Anonymous said...

I know your post is a couple of years old but I wanted to say I love your buddy system idea! I am also a Tenderheart leader in AHG. DO you happen to have any other blogs about AHG?

dottie said...

Sorry I did not respond to your comment earlier. As you can see I am pretty sporadic on this blog. I have thought about doing some posts on various badge requirement ideas. Hope to have soon.