Thursday, September 8, 2011

How did we do this week?

Can you guess where we went?
I have been very pleased with our homeschooling week. We worked a little ahead because we went on a little mini-vacation.

It was nice to come home and not feel like you are behind in everything (laundry, school, sleep, etc.)

It is still a trial to get back in the flow of things. Hopefully, we will be back at full swing tomorrow. Started school a little late in the day, so we focused on a special lapbook about September 11, 2001. Did not realize how many emotions this event would bring to the surface.
I pray that we as a country never forget what happened on that terrible day.

We need to remember those in the military who have paid the ultimate price in the service to our country and pray for those that are serving and for their families that support them.

Hopefully will be posting this lapbook within the next couple of days.

FYI:  Hands of a Child is offering a September 11, 2001 lapbook for $1 (offer good through 9/11/11).

I am not affiliated with HOAC nor do I get any compensation for promoting this offer.

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