Monday, January 26, 2009

As you can see by my last post, it has been a while since I last wrote. I have been having a hard time being consistent with school. As soon as we get in a rhythm, something comes up--family in town, going out of town, or just plain feeling crummy. I get very discouraged sometimes--are my kids really learning anything when I am this sporadic??

Well, we went to a trivia game and my 8 yo daughter could answer all the Bible questions and quite a few of the history and science question. I guess she is doing okay.

But what about my Kindergartner? Is she getting the basics? Is her reading approving and what about math? I don't think I have to worry there either. I told her she could not play a game because she was not old enough--her sister is 9 and can play the game, Donna told me just to turn her 6 upside down and she could play. I think she is getting it. Almost anything that is put in front of her, she can read--she might not comprehend it all, but she can read it.

Do I want to be more consistent? Of course!

I enjoy doing some lapbooks with the girls and have finally started getting a routine--

1st and 3rd weeks of month: Monday - American Girl Book Club. Tuesday - swim class and play date. Wednesday - Hands On History and AWANAS Thursday - swim lessons and history. Friday - fun day science .

2nd, 4th and if have, 5th weeks of month : Monday-school (everything but history and science). Tuesday-swim lessons and play date. Wednesday - school (everything but history and science) and AWANAS. Thursday - school (everything but history and science). Friday - make up day.

Am I going to be consistent? Well, some of the time.