Saturday, December 12, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We did something different with our Christmas tree this year. We made ornaments that represent the names of Jesus. It was fun to research various names of Jesus and finding the Bible verses that go with them. I tried to have the girls do something beside just color the pictures that would be on the ornaments. All the ornaments are laminated (my new favorite toy) so that they have some durability.

Here are my girls in front of the tree and . . .

. . . here is our finished tree.

The individual ornaments:

We put glitter on the cross and then laminated it.

After we laminated, they used sticky felt to make the blanket for baby Jesus.

Added gold glitter for the flame and then laminated.

Put masking tape for the cross, chalked and then removed tape. I hindsight it would have looked better with either darker paper with the white chalk or darker chalk.

I used two pieces of cardstock and laminated them back to back. I then carefully cut out three sides of the door so that it could open and had the girls write "Jesus" on the inside.

Laminated the face and then had the girls glue strips of ribbon for the mane.

Had the girls make a basket then laminated to back of verse. I did not glue it so that I could carefully open the top of the basket and insert the laminated loaves of bread.

Glued foil on back of verse and laminated, them made a 3-D star and glue over the foil. Also, put a little glitter glue on star to make it sparkle a little.

Cut out the ribbon part and taped ribbon to back before attaching to back of Bible verse and laminating.

Laminated crown to back of Bible verse and then glued those decorative gems you find in floral department to the crown.

Used pipe cleaner to make staff.

Got a twig in the shape of the cross to represent the Righteous Branch.

This is our Jesse Tree. Of course, this is how it will look on December 25. We put one ornament on the tree each day and read the corresponding Bible verse. Starts with Creation and ends with Jesus.