Thursday, September 22, 2011

How was school this week?

It was a very short week. Angel had her cast removed on Monday so we did not have school. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good.

I use Homeschool Skedtrack for my scheduling. I love it because if you miss a subject on one day, it just moved to the next scheduled time.

You can print out the weekly schedule for your child. I tried that this week and the only instruction was "All this has to be done by Friday." We will see if this works.

Went to our public library for a field trip. Each one went with a different group. Curly learned about how they did genealogy and the different databases that the library has and how to use a citing tool for research papers. Angel also learned about how to use the library computer and the different databases that they have and then a couple of the ladies in the group share a story with the kids. When then had lunch with the group and got to visit for awhile.

All in all, I think our school is going pretty good.

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