Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Garden--and other ponderings.

I have started a garden--it was a little late in the season but I think I will have a pretty good harvest. I have read about the square foot gardening method.

I waited too late to make the boxes (I want to work on them this winter) so I used an old turtle sandbox (which I think I will use again next year. It is just too cute.) and various planters I had.

Carol likes tomatoes so a beefsteak tomato was planted in the turtle along with green, yellow and red sweet peppers for me. The marigolds are to keep the bugs at bay.

The cucumber and squash are for Donna.

I have Roma tomatoes (5 of the 6 have grown--the 6th was always puny and I did not think it would make it, but I thought I would try anyway) and a hanging patio tomato. I have been making my own ketchup and I want to be able to use my own tomato paste in the future. I hope it works. I also want to make my own tomato sauce and salsas. If I have a good harvest, I will be calling on some of my friends to help me learn how to can.

I planted beans. Out of 8 pots only 1 grew. My friend, Carrie, told me I should plant three seeds per hole to guarantee that at least one will grow. I will harvest my one bean plant and then try again next year.

I am so excited with my garden.

I was trying to think of other ways that I could "financially" contribute to the household (without starting an internet business, etc.)

The #1 answer was "Have dinner ready when husband gets home -- that really lowers that going out to eat and spending lots of money mode".
#2 Garden (see above)
#3 Start making various cleaning products for the house. I am making laundry and hand dishwashing soap for starters. I will let you know how they work in later posts

If anyone has any other ideas, please comment. I am open to suggestions.

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