Monday, May 18, 2009

I Have Finished . . .

cleaning my dining/computer room.

What a silly thing to blog about. But maybe if I do I will feel more accountable to keep it tidy. I am a "piler"--when I was young I had piles of stuff in my room. My mom is not a "piler." She thought my room was a mess. I could go directly to anything I wanted. She would just shut my door. I guess being a "piler" when it is only you that has to worry about the stuff is okay but add three more people and all you get is an unorganized mess. I still have to work very hard at not piling my stuff. Maybe if I give an update on the condition on my rooms about once a month I will feel more inclined to keep them clean. Well, anyway, here are "before/after" pictures.

For those who did not see it--this is the "before."

Here is the "after."

I know there is still a lot of stuff, but I need it for school. I have metal grid walls--the type that retail stores have on the corner wall to hold a lot of my stuff. The bench--my Mom and I made. This is the girls computer.

The work table was completely covered with stuff. I am actually doing a project on it. YEAH!

I even had the inclination to clean up my computer area. It is so nice not to feel hemmed in when you are working.

UPDATE: The living room is still clean!

BTW: I have three cucumbers, at least three squash and many tomatoes in my garden.

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