Sunday, March 1, 2009

It appears that I am going to do a monthly blog instead of a weekly. Actually we have been pretty consistent in our schooling. I have many lapbooks I want to post--Multiplication and some other American Girl and a few others. Hopefully, I will get more consistent with my posts. We will see.


Anonymous said...

not to be picky but since my 5th grader is learning many proper uses of the confusing words I looked up who vs whom. Who is subjective, Whom is objective. Substitute he or she in the sentence, if they sound right then use who. If him/her sounds right then use whom. So... I'd say "whom I have been married to..." because when you rearrange the sentence it is I have been married to HIM.

On the reason I wrote in the first place. We were making a Felicity lapbook today for fun and enjoyed looking at yours. Thank you!

Julie said...

OR quarterly or whatever... LOL

dottie said...

I am trying to be better--by the time I think about this, it is late and I just can't think.