Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr. Popper's Penguins Lapbook

We have finally finished our Mr. Popper's Penguins Lapbook. I got the penguins craft from a Sea World Teacher's Guide. Aren't they cute? I got most of the elements (except for compass rose and color wheel which I made myself) from Homeschool Share

We had so many elements that we had to connect three file folders together. The left side has information about penguins, the center has big sheets and "school" stuff, and the left side has information about seals.

Left side is about penguins.

Some of the penguins in the book were named after famous people. Some of the famous people are Queen Victoria, Christopher Columbus and James Cook. They are represented by a picture of Victoria, and maps of the routes of Columbus and Cook.

The center of the lapbook has various "school" stuff. We learned about a compass rose and some basic map reading, complimentary colors, snow, writing a print ad, occupations, compound words and word problems.

We learned about the food chain and what happens if we change one "link" in the chain. We also learned a lot about seals. By the way, they are pinnipeds.


Tonya said...

adorable lapbook!...we start mr. popper's penguins next week and i am looking for a lapbook to use...did you use any particular template, or did you pull it together yourself?...in reading your profile, lots of similarities...i too married almost 13 years, two kids, using sonlight...

Tonya said...

Hi Dottie - thanks for the info on the lapbooks. I think that Gooney Bird Green is our next book after Popper's Penguins...My kids love the lapbooks, and I find it to be a great supplement to Sonlight. I look forward to reading more on your blog. It is so encouraging to be able to draw strength and insight from fellow homeschoolers! God always provides the support network we need. Isn't He good!

Julie said...

I have seen this lapbook in person and it is amazing. Everybody at our table wanted to do lapbooks.. LOL.
Great job, my friend!