Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Curly's First Lapbook American Girl: Kaya

Curly belongs to an American Girl Book Club through our homeschool support group. It has 10 girls that enjoy a book discussion, a period craft, and the opportunity to try foods from the time period. Curly is going to make a lapbook for each American Girl to share when their book is discussed.

This is Curly working of her first lapbook. We got the templates from

The front of the lapbook has a picture of the fictional Nez Perce Kaya and the historical Nez Perce Chief Joseph along with a short biography and famous quote.

The inside of the lapbook with center extension flap down.

The top of the flap extension has an accordian fold about living in 1764 that is glued in a mini folder. The Kaya Family and Friends has pictures and Curly had to write down their names.

The center pocket has recipes that she tried at the American Girl Book Club and her opinion of them. The bottom is a petal fold book.

Curly glued this picture in the center of the template.

Backside of center extension flap.

Center part of book with extension flap up.

Instead of traditional vocabulary words, I had Curly translate Nez Perce words to English words (found in the back of the Kaya books).

For the American Girl Book Club, the girls have an opportunity to design an outfit for the American Girl we are studying. This is a dress that Curly designed for Kaya out of some fabric.

Curly proudly showing off her first lapbook.

The sites that I got American Girl graphics from:
Chief Joseph graphic and information


Julie said...

Great job, Carol and Mom! You are so great! But you already knew I thought that, right? :)

Helen said...

What a great lapbook... they are good fun to do. We have only done three so far, but each one holds pride of place for the kids.
hugs Helen

Sondra McCoy said...

I just love your american girl lapbooks. i am teaching an american girl year long class. i am making notebook pages using various mini lapbook templates. i have the handbook that suggests the 'design your costume/doll' but no templates for the dolls. how did you create yours? any suggests would be greatful. i am already up to kirsten...finished kaya, felicity and josefina.
thanks for your help,
sondra athens, ga

dottie said...

Sondra, I made them myself. If you would like to use them. I can try to email them to you.

Shannon said...

Hi there! I am teaching a Kaya class this week, and would LOVE an email of the doll you used for the clothes. Thanks so much!

luvs2knit said...

Curly did a great job! Would you mind sharing where you got the templates for this lap book?? I tried the links listed, but couldn't find them.

dottie said...

I got a lot of the elements from

Some I made I have listed where I got the various graphics at the bottom of the post.