Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What my girls did in AHG on October 18?

The Explorers are getting ready for a fashion show next week. The fashion show will satisfy a requirement for their My Style badge. Curly decided what year she was going to represent. The peasant look of the 70's. Hopefully, I will be able to get pictures next week.

Tenderhearts finished their Joining Award lapbooks. This is important because new AHG have to complete the Joining Award before the can receive any other badges. This award is to help them get to know what it means to be an American Heritage Girls. Once they have received this award, they can start earning other badges. Once they earn the Joining Award, they do not have to repeat it, in the future.

I would like to thank the AHG member who made this available for all the troops to use. 

Angel got her Joining Award last year but have a fun time making the lapbook.

We added the picture on the cover and talked about the AHG Mission Statement (Satisfied Requirement #6)

The left flap has information about flag etiquette.

This satisfied requirement #8. I also added a picture of the Joining Award Patch.
The center section had the history of AHG and the Oath. 
I added a little informational sheet on the requirements to be a Tenderheart.

History of AHG satisified requirement #9.
The girls had to memorize the Oath to satisfy requirement #1.
This allowed us to learn the AHG Salute and Sign and when to use them. Satisfied requirement #3 and #4.
 We talked about each section of the creed.

 The inside right hand flap was the AHG Creed. (Satisfied Requirement #2)
Wrote a Scripture reference on the inside (these are in the handbook on page 16-17).

I think the girls had a good time making this. It reinforced the information to the girls that already have their Joining Award, as well as helping the other girls earn this badge.

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