Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OK, you've homeschooled through high school--now what?

I want to qualify this post with the disclosure that I have not used these programs--yet. But I have been researching this because I have a young lady who will be preparing for college in the next couple of years. If she chooses to go to college, I believe this will be the route we will take.

College success begins by understanding your life purpose, earning dual credit in high school, and knowing how to secure college scholarships.
And those who will succeed in the emerging knowledge-based economy will know how to think critically and solve problems. 
CollegePrep! is the proven program that develops high school students who succeed in college and are equipped with the competencies demanded by employers.

CollegePlus! is a revolutionary Christian based distance learning program helping students earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional university system.

CollegePlus! is an innovative blend of study skills courses, CLEP and other exams, on campus courses, and online classes with one-on-one coaching to bring a student's long-term vision and academics together in harmony.

Flexible study gives students the opportunity to complete their degrees while gaining invaluable experience in their chosen career field through internships and work-study programs. This flexibility also allows CollegePlus! students to take ownership of their education by tailoring their studies to their passions, interests, and abilities.

Instead of fitting into a semester schedule, students study whenever it is convenient for them as they balance college, work, and ministry responsibilities. Despite this freedom, CollegePlus! students typically finish their fully accredited degrees in two years or less.

CollegePlus! students also focus on developing a biblical worldview as they complete their degrees. They are challenged to develop a foundational worldview perspective through reading and listening to works from Doug Phillips, Gary DeMar, and other Christian leaders.

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