Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Week of School . . .

Monday--We were supposed to go to a "Not Going to School" Celebration at Chuck E. Cheeses but my little one broke her arm and it was in a splint. Did not want her arm bumped so had to skip. Will be going having a makeup party later at Monkey Jungle Fun Time Pizza.

Tuesday--Delayed school until tomorrow. Going to Orthopedic Surgeon to get little one in a cast. She picked pink and red. She is with her two friends Hopper and D.B.J. (Donna Bear Jr.)

The cast tech asked her older sister if she would like to experience a little of what sister is experiencing with wearing a cast. Curly kept it on until supper time.

Wednesday--Started school yesterday. It went quite well. We actually finished all that was assigned without any drama which is saying something since I had the most horrific headache.

Thursday--Today we started kind of late (noon) but we still completed all our work by 4:30pm. Gotta love homeschooling. Love the fact that we can focus on learning and not all the filler stuff that so many kids/teachers have to endure in government school.

Angel has not been real thrilled with school. She is having a real hard time with her writing and I think I pushed her too much last year--too much writing in one sitting. So this year I broke (sorry, unintentional pun) up her writing into smaller chunks. Well that was the plan until she broke her arm.  Had to modify because she can not hold a pencil. Oh well, in four weeks maybe we will be able to start working on handwriting. Today, her favorite subjects are Math Detective and Balance Math.

Curly was able to do most of her work independently. Gotta love middle school. Word Roots and Life of Fred Math are her favorite subjects to day. She is very excited about school starting. Hope that enthusiasm continues.

See you next week.

Happy homeschooling.

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