Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today I finished cleaning and organizing my kitchen. I have a very small kitchen and you would think that it would be easy to keep it clean. Well it is not.

Here is a before of my kitchen.
This is a shot of the back wall of my kitchen. The microwave cart is the only space that I have open to work on--and even it is pretty cluttered. I was constantly kicking my toes on various pot and pans -- or even sacks of potatoes. It was very frustrating and I hated cooking at home.

I could not even bring myself to take pictures of the rest of the room.
Let's just say if there was a counter, there was jars of food or pots and pans on it.

Here are the after:
View from the wall to the counter. This is left of the sink. HOORAY, I have a workspace!!!) The paper towel is going to be hung on side of counter.

This is the other side of the sink. Even with dishes in the drainer (we do not have a dishwasher), it does not look cluttered. This corner has always been very hard to work at so it works great in this capacity.

Against the wall is a 4 or 5 ft metal wall unit that is 2 foot deep. I use this to store appliances that I use often and my foodstuff. It is wonderful to be able to see all that I have.

I don't really want the step stool in the kitchen but I need it to reach some of the shelves and the girls also use it to reach the counters better.

This next areas are the stove and the fridge. I have to confess that it has been many many moons since I had a stove that did not have to have pots and pans stored on top of it--and lets not even get into all the crap that you can store on top of a fridge. Now they are neat and clutter free.

The only things on the fridge are my foil, one cookbook, my pasta maker, my toaster oven and finally, the sports bottles that we take to the park with us. All nice and neat.


DevonLeah said...

that is sooo wonderful!! I bet you feel so much better being more organized! Nice work

dottie said...

Thanks, now on to the dining room.

Julie said...

YAY! Looks awesome.