Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been struggling to find a way for my kids to eat more fruit. I buy fresh fruit and they might eat a piece and then I have eat all this fruit (which I have to either eat or it goes bad.) Kind of defeats the purpose of me buying it. I have tried peanut butter on apples, various dips, frozen grapes, etc. The girls just never really got into fruit.

That is--until now. I have discovered smoothies. We have banana, frozen strawberries, and frozen blueberries that we have made into smoothies. The girls just love them. I know this may sound silly but I never really knew how to make a smoothie. Who knew that some vanilla yogurt, fruit and a little juice or milk in a blender would make such a yummy drink.

I think I am going to freeze various juices into cubes to use instead of ice and what about flavored yogurts. HMMMMM, the possibilities are endless. I think I just might become a smoothie diva.

I have been looking at Smoothie Web. They have some wonderful smoothie recipes. I can't wait to try the Rain Forest Fusion Smoothie.



Julie said...

We love smoothies here too. I have not pulled out my smoothie maker this summer yet. Thanks for the reminder. :)

For another nutritional kick you could try making the smoothies with Kefir, available at Publix.
Full of great probiotics.

If my life ever settles down I will make some kefir and share it with you. :)

dottie said...

I have never heard of Kefir. But I willing to try anything that is good for you.