Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Weekend

Last weekend, we went with my mom to go see a preview of the new TinkerBell movie: TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure. I will say I enjoyed the movie, but the highlight of my trip was meeting the man who did the voice of Yakko Warner, Rob Paulson. By the way, he did a couple of the voices for the TinkerBell movie. It was so cool because I introduced my girls to the Animaniacs a couple of years ago and Curly picked them to watch a couple of days before the trip. We had no idea that he was going to be there. I think my girls were the only young ones who cheered when they introduced him as the voice of Pinky and Yakko Warner.

He started asking where people were from first "United States", "Canada", then "Mexico, Panama" and then he completed the song. Curly was so excited because she remembered this song from the day before. Then we got to meet him in person and get his autograph. He was so sweet with the girls.

I wish I could show pictures of the weekend but my USB cable to my camera broke and I have to order a new one before I can download my picures. BUMMER!

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